Light Realizations



I lost my essence in the dark of the night,
I gave it up to the one who used to be my light.
I can’t believe how she stole my future.
Now I’m all alone suffering, in torture.

I love to recall how we played before.
The way we smiled over things unsure.
Tiny pieces of puzzle made as a whole.
Now shattered in pieces, left with a hole.

Where were you in my sadness?
Did you find another piece of madness?
Where were you in my gloomy days?
As you took my sunshine far away.

I used to believe that forever exists.
Then I’ve opened my eyes for the things I’ve missed
Finding out that the whole world of me and you,
Was only a tiny place that was left in blue.



Who is zeanelle?

Zeanelle is the name of my Force Blader lady character way back when I used to play Cabal PH. Oh yes. I got myself addicted to that RPG for about 3 years. Anyway, I found myself writing this poem little by little in this gloomy cold afternoon. Who would’ve thought that I could do this again after a very long time? Or rather, sarap lang mag-emote kaya naman nakapagsulat ng wala sa oras. 





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