My BDJ 2016 Dreamboard

I’m a bella for 7 years now and things have been going well and great for me. I saw a lot of changes from who I used to be compared to who I am today. And I really thank God for giving me the that renewed spirit and for having a change of heart.

For all those years, my planner was with me as I always write down anything I want under the sun. My BDJ planner has been my secret-keeper, my reminder of duties, errands to make or break and most of all, a reminder of my goals and dreams in life.


All of the pictures I have cut and posted are not the same as what I have imagined. These are only an idea of what I really dreamed of. In short, they’re only a symbol that reminds me of my goals.



  • In the near future, I would prefer to have my own house and a rest house near the beach. And that explains the houses you see in the pictures.
  • A typical girl like me loves to stay presentable and good-looking so I want a branded make-up kit to enhance my beauty. And the bags in there stands for other material girly things.
  • I also want a car for myself to travel and get my feet on the beach as well and that’s why you are seeing a BLUE car as it helps me remind of what I wanted.
  • Of course, I can only make material things possible if i save a lot of money and that’s why the piggy bank is there to remind me that I have to save and invest to gain what I want.
  • I have always been dreaming of becoming a good leader someday and that’s why I need to GROW BIG in a SMALL GROUP which is one of my small steps to take.
  • You’re seeing too many words of encouragement in there like GO ahead, COLOR your life and LEARN, PLAY and EARN which is what I really needed to keep myself motivated.


And of course my dreams are something that I couldn’t take with me when I’m gone because all of then are just materialistic goals in which I couldn’t boast. These things are all achievable as long as God is with me. My faith is far more important than this things and that’s the reason why a Bible verse is there to remind me that I am nothing without God.

Overall, my these dreams are just one of the secrets of why I’m happy. There’s nothing wrong in believing that we can make it through. God is there and nothing is impossible with Him as it says in Luke 1:37.





  1. Wow. You are truly loyal to BDJ. Haha. That is no nice. I envy those who really have the time and consistency filling their planners. I myself is one of those who just starts to be passionate a couple of months then ends up failing to fill the other months. Anyway, this is so nice. ❀

    Spices + Everything Nice |


    1. Just imagine.. it took me 7 years to come out of my usual comfort zone. Maybe fear and laziness are the one’s holding us back but we have to realize that it doesn’t do us any good. And that’s when I decided to go out of my bed and discover a better version of ME. Hope you’ll overcome your obstacles if there’s any. πŸ˜‰

      And thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it. πŸ™‚


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