When Everyday is a Valentines Day

I grew up having no idea what Valentine’s Day was about until I was asked to draw hearts on a sheet of paper, write a few dedications and gave it to my parents as instructed by my primary teacher. I’m even one of those innocent lad who mispronounced the word Valentine’s coz I used to say Valentime’s, too until I got myself corrected during high school days. Hehe.

When I reached the puberty stage, it feels awkward doing it since I’m not even sure what the celebration was for. Probably because I saw a lot of tv commercials showing a lot of sweet couples and other romantic stuffs. Oh well, guess I’m not too concerned about love stuffs until I reached 18.

Does anyone really know why we call it Valentines Day?

If you’re interested to know more about the history. I suggest you click the photo below which will lead you to the right page about it. Don’t forget to get back here once you’re done reading.



It’s not really considered as a holiday but if I will base it on the road traffic, I think it can be listed. Imagine, it took us 2 hours instead of the usual 35 minutes of travel going to Alabang from DasmariΓ±as, Cavite. Crazy, right?

Valentines Day here in the Philippines is like an extension of Christmas especially for women. We get to have flowers, chocolates, cards, letters, dates and other sweet treats filled with love every man could think of.

Oh here’s mine if I may share what Chie gave me. Isn’t he sweet? ( i love you Hunn.. hihi..)

Okay, enough of those sweet stuffs.

Not all people are happy during Valentines day. How did I say so? Maybe because of what I saw at the Alabang Town Center yesterday.

Daming hugot..

There were things to laugh about as I have read a few. (Corny nga siguro pero may hugot pa din. lol.)


Anyway, all is well during Valentines day. It’s a good event to have, as love fills the air.

If you are with someone, love each other. And if you’re alone, then love yourself. That’s not bad at all. At the end of the day, God loves us all. He is the reason why love exists. He had set the perfect example of love as said in John 3:16.

from swtblessings.com


So, happy hearts day everyone! Share the love.