Speak with L-O-V-E

We all know that the truth really hurts no matter how sugar-coated it may be. Sometimes we may not be able to deliver the right message at the right timing, using the right words.

I guess, that’s what happened recently to the world boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao. Sadly, he was being too sharp and being straight-forward resulting to an inconsiderate and meaner statement. oops.

sorry lgbt
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With all due respect, I love how he played inside the boxing ring and how he tried to extend his help to other Filipinos. At the end of it all, he was judged, just the way he judged the people concerned, the fierce LGBT community.

Now everyone is going nuts about what he said. Different point of views came out base on the Law of God versus the law of man. Now, there’s an ongoing WORD WAR DEBATE happening over social media. Am I joining? Nope. It’s too complicated. 

It’s good that in the end, he admitted his mistakes. He even apologized and still was firm with his belief. For me, that’s all good enough. At least, he was man enough to face the consequences of his words without a doubt on his faith.

Honestly, I almost have the same point of view but it doesn’t mean that I totally agree on what he said and on how he said it. Nobody wants to compared to an animal. Would ya?

I still believe in the power of LOVE because…

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Everyone should be respected equally regardless of their gender preferences. For me, the LGBT community is unique. And in my opinion, yes they’re wrong, yet they are loved and still worth loving. Like nobody’s perfect anyway, so who are we to judge?

We live in a tough society where people can threw harsh words against one another. It doesn’t matter what we believe in. So we better slow down, think before we speak. like i needed,  too. lol

If we know how to speak with love, we know how to respect.Why not choose to be gentle and kind, if it would bring peace to humanity?