The MVP Bella Perks Revealed

It’s a great feeling when your loyalty is being rewarded.

I’ve been using the Belle De Jour Power Planner and supporting the BDJ Community for about 8 years now and it’s something that I’m really proud of. When I became a BDJ veteran, it opened a new set of opportunities that brings out the best in me.

And I believe that it’s about time to bring out the best in you, bella. How?

Ever heard of the BDJ AllAccess Club, the exclusive club for all bellas? If not, I strongly recommend for you to click that photo below for more details. Just don’t forget to get back here. If you’re already aware of it, feel free to continue reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Let me share the good news because the perks of being a bella just got even better for me and for you.

It was the last week of January when I got an invite from one of the BDJ team that I was chosen to become one of the Pioneer MVP Bellas for the year 2016. Wow! It was an overwhelming privelege.

What’s in it for an MVP Bella?

Since being an MVP Bella has the highest rank in the BDJ All-Access Club. Here’s the perks that makes a difference in all the usual levels:

โ™ฅ ย There will be an MVP Bella League, a Facebook Group that will be launched in March 2016, exclusively for the MVP Bellas and the BDJ Team for a tight-knit sharing of everything under the sun.

โ™ฅ ย Every month, an MVP Bella will be featured on the special webpage of

And that’s not over yet, here’s a sneak peek on what an MVP will have:

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Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, being an MVP Bella is not just all about the perks and it’s bragging rights. It comes with a responsibility of being active within the BDJ Community. A greater responsibility of leading and inspiring other bellas to continue believing in what we can do as a woman following our dreams and advocacies in life.

I bet you might have receive an email for a boost rank so if you do, fill up the form and enjoy your upcoming perks.

So light up that spark in you bella, shine and aim for the MVP Bella rank.