The MVP Bella Meet at Le Petite Soufflé

Last February 6, 2016, the MVP Bella Meet continues as we took our refreshments and snacks at the Le Petite Soufflé, Century City Mall, Makati. This restaurant was a fusion of a Japanese and French cuisines. I was easily fascinated with how the place looked as it was so cozy and unique. Who would have thought that this rolling pin can be used to beautify a restaurant? Nice.

Photo credits: our awesome planet

When I got seated, I really thirst for water after all the running errands we did inside the mall. Still, photo-ready pa din.

We don’t look tired after all the game, right?




Thanks to this pitcher full of freshly infused yakult + guava drink  as it was a healthy and yummy thirst-quencher. Something you should really try.




After a few minutes of chikahan with the bellas, foods were served. I really thought that this fluffy looking food served was a desert, only to find out that its a Japanese Beef Curry Soufflé.

And there’s more:






I wasn’t able to ask for the name of that dish on the left but it taste similar of a mac & cheese, only that it’s curly.  The one on the right was new to me so I got curious enough to find out and I was told it was called Champignon Frittes which was an Oyster and Enoki mushroom fries with Tonkatsu Mayo dip. It’s tasty!

Time for desserts! Mango or Strawberry?



As we eat the sumptuous meals, we have also discussed the main reason why we were having the exclusive event. We got so excited on what we’ve heard as it was something to really look forward to on the BDJ Community because the BDJ All-Access Club is finally official. It has all the ranking levels that goes with a perks to enjoy. Amazingly, we are entitled as the pioneer MVP Bella for a year effortlessly free. While the discussion was ongoing, a surprise gift was given among us plus a new petite planner was given as well for free. Yay!

Cheers to my new petite planner! ♥
Here’s what’s inside the pink box. ♥

The MVP BellaMeet will not end without a picture so a lot of the bellas’ smartphones were lined-up for a last photo shoot.


Photo credit: Real Asian Beauty


Since my BlackBerry was all drained up after being used at the Mystery Manila game. Good thing, I was able to save a few pictures. I owe a lot to Katrina Tordilla as her power bank saved me in troubles. Thank you sis! ♥

Overall, It was such a lovely afternoon to be in the heart of the busy business district in Makati. With all the good news, good vibes and new adventures. We are now stepping up as an MVP Bella. Thanks to Viviamo as BDJ really proves that it’s not just a planner, we are a community of women in power!

Time for me to go to Baguio.




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