MVP Bellas tries Mystery Manila

I really thought that I posted this blog publicly, only to find out that I did it privately. lol. This usually happens when I’m so excited about things that are happening only to find out that I left something hanging. Spare my late posting of the event for the mean time.

Anyway, last February 6, 2016, an event exclusive only for the pioneers of the MVP Bella and the BDJ team was held at the Century City Mall, Makati. I was able to meet my fellow BDJ Veterans again together with Mhaj, Yani, Aia and Dar of the BDJ team.

We tried out the most intriguing, adrenaline-rushing, mind-boggling, role playing and escape game type of activity of the Mystery Manila.

And there goes Chie and Aya πŸ™‚

We were divided into three groups, each team was consisted of the MVP Bellas led by a BDJ team. In each group, different play rooms were given. The other teams played the Sinister Sensorium and Debby’s Doll. The real goal was to finish the game task within 60 minutes. If we did it, we’ll get a Mystery Manila shirt and some bragging rights. As for my group which was led by Yani, we had the Crime of the Century and our room was the Century City Mall itself. Oh yes.

photo credits: Mystery Manila

So for us in team Red-y, the task was to play the role of a SWAT who will be searching for a special bomb planted inside the mall by the psycho-terrorist named Enigma. If we won’t be able to locate the bomb and have it diffused in time, the whole business district of Makati will be in ashes.We were given a blank sheet of paper, a pen, a smartphone plus the first clue. We were also asked to bring another smartphone. I volunteered my beloved BlackBerry as I knew that we need a reliable phone that has a fast browsing option.

I must admit that the game was really tough as we would have to analyze everything and look all over the public places inside the Century City Mall. (Stores are not included and no going outside as well.)

Wanna know how we ended up?

We ALMOST SOLVED the game!


At first, we got really frustrated of what to do as it seemed like we’re not going anywhere.There were clues provided, there were lots of puzzles and… ooops wait! I need to stop giving more specific details as we have promised the game masters that we should not share it. Otherwise, it will no longer be as fun as it should be for others, right?

It was such a great adrenaline pumping experience and it’s all for FREE. Thanks to the BDJ Community for having me as a pioneer MVP Bella along with this girls.

photo credits: Kristine of Real Asian Beauty

I will surely come back with my friends next time to check out other play rooms. If you wanted to know more about their rates and other play rooms, just check out their website:

Of course, the meet up will not end just like that. It’s time for the bellas to be refreshed after all the excitement and the energy that was released. For the mean time, I’ll take my solo photo opp. harhar.












If you want to proceed to the next venue, click the Β button below or simply check out my next post.





If I got you curious on what is this MVP Bella rank all about. Click the BDJ All-Access Club icon below for more details or you can check my previous post about the Perks of the MVP Bella.

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Β aya


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