Dealing with Stress

Are you all tired because of these problems?


Eto pa matindi, walang kinalaman sa buhay mo pero problema na ata ng lahat ng tao, ang never ending TRAFFIC issuesNakaka-STRESS, di ba?


Hindi ka nag-iisa. Ramdam kita.

If you think about it, these problems are a part of our daily grind. It only boils down to be stressful enough because of PRESSURE. The pressure which can either be time, goals, targets and expectations. Whenever the problems aren’t being solved because of too much pressure, it leads to FRUSTRATIONS. That’s when we get demotivated, hopelessness sinks in, we get tired of everything or worse, we end up quitting.


When things go wrong and it doesn’t go with our plan, we don’t have to quit. Just take a break from everything or perhaps slow down.

In a different perspective, challenges are there, not for us to be punished. Sometimes, God allowed it to happen for us to learn and grow. It’s there to test our perseverance on how we handle things that would make us tough in the future. That way, if we will encounter the same issue, we already know what to do. And in case, fate won’t allow a repetition, we can share the experience as others will be saved for they are warned. That becomes a blessing too.

Have you seen how a knife is tediously made by a blacksmith in the old days? From a simple bar of a stainless metal, melted through a tremendous heat of a burning coal, while alternatively pounded then smoothed and sharpened continuously.


See how that metal turned out to be a knife out of stress and pressure? It’s the same with us. These trials are for a purpose. We just have to find out what that is.

So let’s not ruin our beautiful day and good mood just because of these daily dose of stress. Give in to the offer of peace coming from our big GOD.


If you want to ease the stress away, do something you love and enjoy. May it be listening to a good music, reading, talk to your friends or someone you trust, travel or volunteer to any charitable organizations. Here’s the best and proven solution, have a quiet time and talk to God, surrender everything by praying.


I remember the  last year of November where all the people of Manila is affected with the APEC’s epic week of traffic. Buti na lang, I was invited to experienced a chill and relaxing music event while waiting for the peak traffic hours to pass. It was a Saturday Slowdown event of the B1G South. A night of good music to glorify God while relaxing after a week of a hectic hassle. I’m really hoping that there will be another one this year. 

Now here’s a You Tube video cover sneak peek of what they presented during the event. Just click the photo below to get there. If you love the video too, feel free to visit for more details and perhaps, join us for a life changing discussions.♥



Cheers & God Bless,






photo credits:

Science Daily, Christine Trevino, vertibido, tumblr, B1G South