Sample Room | Trying Before Buying

Do you want a sample of an item first before you buy the right size?

Wanna know first if it’s a good try before you buy?

If it is, then you should continue reading this!

If all those questions were answered with a big YES! You might want to try and visit the Sample Room Philippines website.

Like you, I don’t want to spend money for an item that wouldn’t work for me. So I would love to give it a try first before I get to buy the stuff in a full size at a full price. And gladly, my browser bumped into a website that offers samples of a product that I’ve been looking for. I was also impressed to noticed that they had a partnership with brands known to deliver high quality products.

And of course, I browsed first through every tabs they had on their website to see what’s in there. I must say I like the pink and shabby chic web design. The variety of samplesΒ are really good. You might want to check out their current sample products. Overall, I still love what they offer.


Here’s a short list of what to expect:

1. If you join, you will be given a 105 points for a start.

that was awesome.gif

2. The items that you want for a sample is definitely free as you will use the given points to you.

love it.gif

3. There are items in full size and sample size and there’s only a limited number stocks for all of the items. So, if you want an item that is out of stock, wait and see in the future if there will be a restock for it.

good girl..

4. The items that you choose will have a point requirement, not all the items can be obtained without a point. Where’s the business in that if anything is free? Haha. Come on!


5. When you check out your cart, don’t be surprised, but you will be the one to pay for the items to be shipped to you in less than a week in my experience or maybe it still depends on your location.


Well at least, there’s no sweat in here, you just have to wait.


6. Once you received and tried the product for at least 5 days, you are now required to submit a review. In exchange of the effort, you will be rewarded a point for every product review you submit to them that fits their guidelines.

don’t just write, READ too.

7. And of course, if you want some extra points you can avail their products like the VIP package for β‚±799 which in return, you will be given a an exclusive gift and a 1000 points. If you need more, try the other offer for β‚±1299 that gives you a 2000 points plus an exclusive gift from them too. These extra points that you bought will be credited to you as soon as the payment was received and verified in 2-3 business days. Don’t forget to send them the payment confirmation once its completed. Oh! If I may add, these extra points you bought will only be good for two months. It does expire. And you can only purchase these VIP thingy once in every 2 months. And strictly 1 person per household/family is allowed to be a Sample Room VIP member.


8. If you need more points without you paying for it, then why not refer your friends and you will be rewarded for 1 pt every time your friend signed up completely.

Clockwork Angel.gif
me too..

Fair enough, right? I have tried this thing and its a great deal. I used my points to buy a shampoo and a conditioner plus a soap and it was shipped to me in less than a week. I was able to write a review and was rewarded too. I haven’t tried the VIP thingy yet but I guess before this year ends, I might. I’m just waiting for my favorite item to be restocked before I signed up for it.


Indeed, try before you buy!