Be That Change The Country Needs

pinoy 4

I may not be a journalist nor a political analyst but I admit, I’m one of those crazy people thinking, praying and hoping for a few changes to happen in our beloved country, the Philippines. Who wouldn’t love the 7,107 beautiful islands matched with a great culture and full of amazing Filipinos?

Perhaps you may have noticed the battle cry of so many Filipinos for changes to happen led by the President Duterte himself. It’s all over the news and it helps uplift the morale of the entire nation.Seems like we have finally come to realize that after so many years how awful the things were from how it used to be and to what is happening to our country today.

Philippines have changed from being the ‘Tiger of Asia’ to one of the worse country to live in Asia. Is that something to be proud of? Certainly, NOT.  Although I have heard that we are now getting the title back as our country have been  named the ‘Rising Tiger of Asia’, not that bad anymore, isn’t it?

If you will be asked this mala-beauty queen question: What can you do to be the change this country need? ummm well..

We all know that changes can’t happen overnight in just a swing of a magic wand. This is not a fairy tale  and the reality is, it takes a lot of willingness and perseverance to pursue the changes we wanted to happen. So how do we start then?

  1. Address what needs to be changed. I wouldn’t came across the idea of changing something not until I have realized that it’s not doing any good. Who can relate?


Perhaps the best example of what you and I need to work on is the lack of DISCIPLINE among ourselves. Admit it or not, some of us are even crossing the streets at the wrong places or even climbing up the center islands, even if there is an overpass nearby or a pedestrian lane. And if we get caught, we would most likely justify the reason why we did it. Making it sound like na yung nanghuhuli pa yung mali. Nagpapalusot tayo kahit mali naman.

Makes sense? Tawid pa more.

2. Do the right thing. I know this is easier said than done but this is all  true. We need to keep doing what is right, follow the rules and stop doing what is wrong. There could be challenges along the way but this will be all worth it. The only secret is our willingness to do it.


3. Be consistent.  I know there can be drawbacks and temptations however, we need to stick to what is right, not what is easy. It would be a waste of effort if we go back to the wrong norms we used to do. If we fail in doing so, forgive ourselves and still choose to do what is right. We may not be perfect but it is highly possible to achieve this goal.


Any changes can be so unrealistic and seems to be so impossible. But if we  come to think of it, other countries have been doing it right, so why can’t we?. It only takes a little while since we need to start in small steps. Like I said, it doesn’t happen over night. Just try to change one behavior one at a time. Just be positive. Perhaps we can start by telling our family and friends about this advocacy through the use of the social media and see it spreading like a wildfire.