September Surprising Starters

BER months is here!

Exaggerated as it may seems and whether you believe me or not, Christmas carols are being played on Pinoy radio stations as early as September 1. It’s not that obvious that Filipinos have so much love for the boxing season.


photo credits: BDJBox




And speaking of a BOX, have you heard about the latest news? The BDJ Box for the month of September is arriving. Yay!






Wondering if you’d subscribe for the BDJ Box or not? Perhaps you may want to consider these reasons:

  1. You’d get more than what you paid for. Imagine these items inside is worth 4000 and you would only pay for   1480.
That’s a bunch of savings!

2. You’ll get beauty products coming from the best and trusted brands. Wanna know what brands to they have for September?

Need I say more?


3. Can’t think of anything to give as a present? This BDJ Box would be prefect! You can have it as a gift for your bella friend, mom, sister and even as a giveaway too! Just imagine how happy would they be! ♥



4. You can interact and be a part of a growing bella community where we can all enjoy the perks of a bella, events and a lot more!


Subscribe now!


Click here to SUBSCRIBE!


Visit the iLoveBDJ official website and BDJ Box and their social media accounts below:

Facebook: BelleDeJourPlanner
Twitter:@BDJBuzz and @BDJBox






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