#MVPHuddle | An Exclusive Treat for Loyal Bellas

The BDJ team, led by their founder Ms. Darlyn Sandra Ty prepared something special for their loyal MVP bellas, the BDJ beauty ministry team and friends which was held at the Lucy in the Sky Café  located in San Juan last Saturday, 1st of October, 2016.

It was a great privilege to be chosen and be invited in this once in a year meet up where we get the chance to see the Belle de Jour products prior to its launch on #BDJFair2016 at the Mall of Asia music ground. I can’t help myself to share the good news and gave out a spoiler alert to the bella’s in BDJ’s official Facebook page.

There goes my selfie pose while waiting for the others to arrive. It’s really good to be on time. May oras pa mag-selfie!


Not only that, I was able to check out the BDJ Planners along with my bella friends as we were too excited to see how it looked. Who wouldn’t be?


The MVP Huddle started with an ice breaker game and I was convinced by my bella friends to participate. It was a trivia game which is all about some of the history of BDJ. Quite tough due to my memory gap but the good thing was, I got all the points needed to win. I guess being a bella loyalista plus my competitiveness  was a blessing after all. Perhaps, Ms. Kristine Roces of @RealAsianBeauty, who happened to be my pretty adversary at that game, was too kind enough to let me win as well. Aww, thanks girl! 

Bellas who brought their favorite planner shared a few pages they love and how it moved them. Hearing them share about their goals that came true and bits of their life is really inspiring. It only proves that BDJ is more than just a planner, it was a source of motivation, a compilation of cherished memories and everything in between.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Few minutes later, foods were served while Ms. Dar unveiled the BDJ Planners for 2017 through a short presentation having all the description, lay outs, special features and what to look forward to for the BDJ Fair 2016.

MVP Huddle.jpg

 A Photo from Lucy in the Sky Café FB Page.

Here comes the next series of activities for that day!

Have you heard about IKIGAI?

It’s a Japanese concept which means “a reason for being” in other words, the passion that brings one into life. All these was shared to us by the Bella Boss herself, Ms. Dar. We were given an ample time of about 15 minutes to find out our own  IKIGAI. Sorry, I won’t show you what I wrote for I have a very nice penmanship.  lol.


and the sharpie pens are free! ♥

Lastly, I was able to test my creativity through the Mandala  Plate Painting workshop with the Visual Arts Teacher and Live Demo Artist, Amos Manlangit. I had so much fun doing this even if I’m not so sure what to put in since I’m not into drawing stuff. But hey, Teacher Amos was really patient and will surely walk you through on how to create your own mandala.


IG photo from @TeacherAmos

Mandala is the spiritual representation of being complete, of life, unity and the Universe. While painting the mandala, it seems like I was into a meditative state of mind. I find it relaxing. We were told by Teacher Amos that the colors and forms that popped up within only reveals what you feel. I actually noticed that my sketch has been replaced by different strokes and colors which I guess was a partial influence of my bella friend and seatmate that time, Mary Grace Aragon. I had a little trouble mixing with colors and she helped me get the right hues. Still, I’m glad with the output. I think mine was all about love and inner peace.


You can pre-register and try out all of these workshops and a lot more at the BDJ Fair 2016:  Rise Above the Waves. Click on the photos below to sign-up for this activity at the BDJ website.

ikigai projext.jpgAmos-M926-407x366.jpg

The day won’t end without a token of appreciation and so, we were given 3 Forget-Me-Not Notebooks. Also, here was my prize for winning the game too…


And as for you, I’m preparing an early Christmas giveaway. So watch out for my next post! Hope your having a nice day.




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