#BDJFAIR2016, An Event I Couldn’t Miss

Ever wondering what makes a Bella go to the BDJ Fair and what keeps the others coming back year after year?

Read more and discover what BDJ has to offer during this fun day event.



Belle de Jour Power Planner (BDJ) has been up and running for 11 years now. It is made especially for the Pinay achiever—the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, and makes a difference in her community, while doing everything in great style.

Even with the inclement weather due to typhoon Karen PH, We’re still able to attend the most awaited event of the year for Bellas like me, the BDJ Fair 2016. 


Everyone can walk in for FREE but it’s much better if you are a VIP pass holder. VIP Pass allows you to register for 2 talks which includes a special loot bag, access to activity booths, and the planner customization for P200 only.


Kudos to everyone who availed the VIP passes for they have done a good job in supporting BDJ’s advocacy while having fun. It’s because the proceeds of the VIP pass will be given to the following charities:

Grace to be born logo.jpg

 Grace to Be Born is the Maternity Home and Nursery that provides shelters to unwed pregnant mothers.


Magbassa Kita Foundation Inc., the LIPAD project of MKFI and USAID to empower non-literates in Muslim communities.

Truly, BDJ Fair creates that opportunity to give back, learn, meet new friends and empower women while having fun.


A Quick Tour Inside the #BDJFair2016

I got my VIP Pass for free courtesy of BDJ during the MVP Huddle then I bought one for my husband since he decided to go with me as well. After the registration, we head on to the encouraging wall to write what we need to #RiseAboveTheWave this coming 2017.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

#RelationshipGoals? lol.

We started our booth tripping at the workshop areas and met my fellow MVP Bellas and friends at the BDJ x Istorya area. This was something new as BDJ and Istorya collaborated in order for Bellas to have a BDJ Power Word Keepsake! As for me, I had a chance to get my own power word keepsake for FREE as another treat as promised at the MVP Huddle.

I had so much fun learning and doing my own trinket. Eventually, I did it right with the help of Ms. Joan of Istorya. And my power word for 2017 —- CONQUER, for I needed to overcome my bad habits and fear in order to #RiseAboveTheWaves. Naks!

Here’s my  BDJ Planner for 2017 that was given to me FREE courtesy of BDJ, another perks of being a Bella at the MVP HuddleIt’s really good to have something new in my planner collection  since this is my 9th planner but the first leather cover type I received.


Something to Cherish

Don’t get me wrong, I really love the leather cover design BUT I still prefer the original girly cover for my collection so I looked for a Bella who’s more than willing to get it in exchange of my preferred cover. Gladly, Chie Relosa came to the rescue. She bought the original girly cover for me and I gave her this leather cover without any extra cost as a fair exchange. We’re both happy and my planner was worth keeping and now has a sentimental value. Aww.. I really love how Bellas helped each other at times like this. Again, many thanks, Chie!♥


Booth Tripping 

I love all the booths but I only have a few visits to share since my patience wasn’t enough to go against a long queue.

 A try out at the Subic Grand Seas Booth.

Here’s more..

I visited booths like Vedette, Serenitea and SkinStation. I may have lost but trying out the game but it was fun and worth knowing what they offer.





I also had a free skin consultation with Dr. Clarice Domingo at the Flawless booth where I have been given tips and prescription to what products to use for my skin care needs. This surely helped me save from spending more for a professional fee. Yay!





A free taste of Brookie for the win  from Mrs. Fields booth.

I have lots of bella friends around the corner but we’re all busy playing and learning at the fair. Here’s a few one I bumped into for a quick selfie pose.


Talk Takeaways ♥





Since Ms. Abbygale Aranas-De Leon’s flight was rescheduled due to the weather, Ms. Elmira Cadungog, the brand manager of Wacoal Philippines took over and shared a few thoughts.





Ways to Empower yourself to Succeed:

  1. Surround yourself with good friends.
  2. Never compare yourself.
  3. Reward yourself.
  4. Stop criticism.
  5. Look good, feel good.


The last talk we attended was discussed by Ms. Kate Alvarez wherein she shared how she overcome depression. She even managed to give some tips just in case we knew someone who suffers from depression too.


10 things to do when someone you know suffers from depression:

  • Don’t brush it off
  • Spot the signs
  • Talk and listen
  • Keep triggers away
  • When critical, go to ER.
  • Offer help
  • Contact the family
  • Do not keep it a secret
  • Do not handle the situation
  • Follow up


BDJ never fails to inform, empower and inspire everyone.  How I wish I could get to all talks, bitin ang dalawa. lol


The Loots


My husband and I  went home with our loot bags filled with freebies, coupon and snacks PLUS a bunch of happiness and a handful of inspiration.


 Post Event Ratings 

These are my opinions of how I find the event. No hurt feelings. If you have something to share, feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts about it.

Scheduling & Timing: ★★★★☆

Choice of Facility and Venue: ★★★★

Informative/Entertaining Programs: ★★★★☆

Staff/Customer Service:  ★★★★☆

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★☆

Lots of Love,









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